AMSSOI Alumni Association

Alumni play an important role in furthering the ambitions and aspirations of AMSSOI family. The credentials established by the Alumni will have a snow balling effect on the current student members. AMSSOI believes that the out going students are its permanent asset in building the institutions name. The school keeps track of the Alumni and maintains the database

The AMSSOI Alumni Meet will be organized for the alumni of AMSSOI every year in the month of September. Bhavishya.ams is Alumni news letter. The articles and other inputs were contributed by the alumni of AMSSOI.

It showcases the Success stories, Experiences, Achievements, and Suggestions of Alumni. Bhavishya.ams is produced by the alumni of AMSSOI

Membership Highlights

We have 218 alumni as life members, and 4 patrons in the AMSSOI Alumni Association.