Sheela Yadav

Sheela Yadav,MBA
Associate Analyst , Wipro

To have studied at Andhra Mahila Sabha school of Informatics (AMSSOI) is one of the Best things that have happened in my life. I feel fortunate to have my higher education here. It’s one of the finest institutions for everyone who desires to study MBA & MCA with spacious classrooms and laboratories, good environment, freshness and lush greenery in the campus and many other facilities which contribute in making education a great experience altogether.

The purpose of AMSSOI is to impart knowledge, skills and right kind of attitude among women and transform them into complete citizens whose services are essential in building our great nation is commendable.

It’s Important to mention the friendly, supportive and highly qualified faculty who have always helped us in all the possible ways and helped make us who we are now.

Imparting Quality Education to the students is the aim of AMSSOI and I think it has surely fulfilled its promise. In fact it has excelled in itself by  ocusing not just on Education but also on all round personality development of the Students.

AMSSOI has been a Great Partner in Transforming a Girl into a complete woman. It has helped many women including me to successfully lead a life of dignity.

Thank You AMSSOI.