MBA Programme
Designed to train students to become excellent general managers and high-level-decision-makers with broad strategic vision, this full-time two year MBA program views management as an integrated process and helps students develop a global view and respond effectively to changes in the economic, technological, cultural and political environments. The MBA program of Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Infomatics is affiliated to Osmania University and is approved by AICTE.

Students may enter the two year MBA programme through a common entrance test at state level, the I-CET which is conducted every year.

MBA I Semester II Semester





I Year

MB 101  Management and Organizational Behavior

MB 102 Accounting for Managemen

MB 103 Marketing Management

MB 104 Open Elective – I (Choose one)

  1. Business Law and Ethics
  2. Fundamentals of Technology Management
  3. Managerial Economics

MB 105 Open  Elective – II (Choose one)

  1. IT Applications for Management
  2. Business Communication
  3. Customer Relationship Management

MB 106 Computer Practicals

MB 201 Human Resource Management

MB 202 Financial Management

MB 203 Business Research Methods

MB 204 Open Elective – III (Choose one)

  1. Economic Environment and Policy
  2. Business Process Re- engineering
  3. International Business
  4. Financial Market & Services

MB 205 Open Elective – IV (Choose one)

  1. Total Quality Management
  2. Stratrgic Management Accounting
  3. Start Up Management
  4. Retail Management

MB 206 Seminar

MBA III Semester IV Semester






II Year

MB 301 Operations Management

MB 302 E Business

MB 303 Operations Research

MB 304  Discipline Specific Elective – I

  1. Financial Risk Management (F)
  2. Product & Brand Management (M)
  3. Compensation Management (HR)
  4. Decision Support System (SYS)

MB 305  Discipline Specific Elective – II

  1. International Finance (F)
  2. Promotion & Distribution Management (M)
  3. Organizational Development (HR)
  4. Business Analytics (SYS)

MB 306 Interdisciplinary Courses

  • Management Theory and Practice 


  • Innovation Management                               (for all affiliated colleges including constituent colleges in lieu of ID paper)

MB 307 Tutorials

  • Project work Synopses
MB 401 Strategic Management

MB 402 Business Intelligence

MB 403 Supply Chain Management

MB 404 Discipline Specific Elective – III

  1. Investment Management (F)
  2. Consumer Behavior (M)
  3. Performance Management (HR)
  4. Database Management System (SYS)

MB 405 Discipline Specific Elective – IV

  1. Banking & Insurance (F)
  2. Services & Global Marketing (M)
  3. Talent & Knowledge Management (HR)
  4. Software Project Management (SYS)


MB 406 Project Work

MB 407 Comprehensive Viva – Voce