Aumni Association

Alumni Association

It is said that with years an educational institution becomes more mature and responsive to societal needs with the help of its Alumni. AMSSOI has been on the map of higher technical/management education long enough with its Alumni taking positions of responsibility. It is time for them to come forward and help AMSSOI realize the dreams of the visionaries like Dr Durgabai Deshmukh, who worked tirelessly for the upliftment of women. An appeal to the Alumni of AMSSOI is to connect and contribute to the development of the Institute for eventual welfare of the society that we are a part of.

Relationships are important in the professional world. No wonder that there are such a large number of people hooked on to Social Networking sites. When one looks at the fact that the University of Oxford has 200 regional alumni groups spread across eighty countries in the globe, and the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) has an alumni network consisting of networks such as academic & professional networks, affinity networks, diversity networks and regional networks with the motto being “mentor and be mentored”, the active work done by the BITSAA (BITS Alumni Association) and “mentoring million minds programme” of Pan IIT Alumni, one sees the power of networking and the fructification of ideas.  AMSSOI’s Alumni may not be as large as some of the Institutions that have been referred to above. However, they belong to a class that can profoundly influence the womenfolk into action of immense value to the individuals participating in the initiative and also drive the society into positive action.

The AMSSOI Alumni Association (AAA) has now over four hundred members. In the years to come it is expected that they play a positive role in the development of their alma mater and contribute immensely to societal needs.