Activity Calendar

Activity Calendar & Release of Publications
Sl No Activity Scheduled Month
1 Abhyuday October
2 Alumni Meet September
3 Annual Day March
4 Bhavishya.ams Half yearly
5 Dr Smt Durgabai Deshmukh Jayanthi 15th July
6 Dr Smt Durgabai Deshmukh Vardhanthi 9th May
7 Faculty Development Program July & December
8 Farewell Party April/May
9 Finishing School 1st week of IV semester
10 Foundation Day September/October
11 Freshers Day October
12 Gandhian Studies Third Friday of Every Month
13 Gandhi Jayanthi 2nd October
14 Independence Day 15th August
15  JoR release Foundation day
16 Leela.ams Every quarter
17 Open House Twice in semester
18 Martyr’s Day 30th January
19 Republic Day 26th January
20 Martyr’s Day 30th January
21 Staff Meeting Every month last Saturday
22 Stock Verification Jan/Feb
23 Orientation Day August/ September
24 Women’s Day 8th March
25 Staff meeting Every month last Saturday
26 Stock Verification Jan/Feb
27 Week of Welcome August/ September
28 Women’s Day 8th March
29 Website * Every Fortnight to be updated

* As and when required (events, release of publications, changes in Almanac, Class & Exam Time Tables, Governing Body Members, Academic Advisory Members list, Faculty profiles, change in Syllabus, Project Guidelines) website to be updated